The Star Wars Archives Wiki

This is the likely boring, annoying part of any wiki: RULES! However, we've got to have them, so that we have good, and safe, enviroment on this wiki.


There will be no inappropriate comments, pictures, or language in any way on anyone's pages or profile. This includes sexual content, cursing, and any other thing along those lines. Please don't do any politics, you can do that somewhere else. This wiki is meant to be a Star Wars wiki, not just a public forum for your thoughts. However, you are more than welcome to post your opinions of the latest Star Wars movie, episode, a book review, and even a fanon story on your profile. PLEASE share your Star Wars related opinions, we want to hear from you. On that note though, we don't want opinions on the actual pages, so be careful about that. 


This is a real downer. If you have broken any of the rules above, you have to take some form of punishment. If it is any of the main things, like inappropriate comments, pictures, or language you will likely be removed from the wiki altogether. For other things like politics and whatnot, you will lose any status that you have, even admin. This is done just because we need to make this a safe and fun environment for all editors.


If you see anyone breaking the rules of this wiki, or would like to suggest a new one, feel free to contact an admin, either TK-462 or TK-2507. And remember: The Force will be with you, always.