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"Rookies" was the fifth episode of Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1, and the fifth episode of the series overall. It featured the attempted invasion of the Republic base on Rishi, thwarted by the efforts of young clone troopers.

Official Description[]

"Alone on a distant outpost, Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex must inspire the rookie clones to believe in themselves to stave off a BX-series droid commando invasion."

Plot Summary[]

Clone forces rally! As the war
escalates in the Outer Rim, the
Jedi Knights are spread thinly
across the galaxy. Many new
clones are rushed into service
to support their Jedi generals.
Unfortunately, because of the
relentless demands of battle,
many young clones must join
the struggle before their
intensive training has been
completed. These clones,
manning a vital network of
tracking stations, are all that
stand between the Republic
and invasion…