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Welcome, future editor! Please read the rules below to familiarize yourself with the wiki.


This wiki is NOT a fanon wiki. We take facts only, and no extra thoughts are allowed. This is because we don't want someone to go onto the page Ruescott Melshi and see someone's idea that he survived Scarif and is Snoke. No. Further, we do not allow any inappropriate behavior of any kind, including foul language, racist or sexist comments, or sexual content. If any of these are found on one of your articles, we will notify you that you are about to be blocked from the wiki, and unless you do something about it, you will be blocked. This might sound harsh, but it is not allowed in any public areas, and this wiki does not allow it either.

Canon vs. Non-canon

The difference between the canon media of Star Wars and the Legends material is a really tough one to get used to. In some of my early editing days, I mixed up CT-3423 to be an actual canon character, but he was just given a name in legends, but he still appeared onscreen. So I will completely understand if you write something non-canon on a canon page, and notify you why I took it off, so you understand. If you are going to write a non-canon page, please name the article whatever it should be named, but a /Legends to the end (example: CT-3423/Legends). Also, add the category Non-canon. Canon articles don't need to have a /Canon at the end unless it is someone like Thrawn, who had a canon and non-canon storyline. Canon articles should also have the category: Canon.

Making Pages

Pretty simple, or so it seems. You can make a page by either clicking on a redlink (example: Mon Mothma) and selecting 'create'. You can begin writing from there. We do not expect an MLA format or anything like that, but the pages would benefit from a strictly third-person view, and past-tense point of view. Write it as if you are a historian in the Star Wars galaxy, and if you need help with that, read Star Wars: On the Front Lines by Daniel Wallace. The place when you would write about the actors or something would be under the header: Behind the Scenes.